Swapped Finance launching on Shardeum Liberty 1.3

Swapped Finance was first seen two months before as a promising DEX, Yield farming & staking platform on Shardeum Liberty Alphanet Network. We had chosen Shardeum as it will allow us to be a leading exchange with low transaction costs and fast transaction speed. What will differentiate us however, will be Immediate finality & low latency with High fairness and eliminated miner extractable value(MEV). Nothing has changed so far, the goal is still the same with deployment on Shardeum Liberty 1.3, we will release our roadmap soon.

Users can use our SHM Faucet to get SHM in their metamask accounts to start testing Swapped Finance Protocol. Users are requested to try token swap, provide liquidity and write about us on social media.

Users participating in our testnet launch and testings will be rewarded with whitelist spots and $SWPD tokens to encourage them. Feedbacks are always welcomed on our typeform.



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Swapped Finance

Swapped Finance is a next generation state sharded AMM built for scalability and is immune to front-running with Shardeum at its core.