Swapped Finance, launches Decentralized Marketing Campaign

What is Decentralized Marketing?

How to Earn points as a contributing user

How $SWPD will be rewarded?

How to submit your tweet or youtube video?

  • Each tweet must have mention of @SwappedFinance and @Shardeum, Should be informative and must be more than 200 Characters
  • Users must not use any unethical way to promote their tweets
  • Users hold ownership and responsibility of their tweets
  • User can receive points only on 3 tweets per day.
  • Each video must have Swapped Finance and Shardeum mention on the video and links on the description
  • You must not spam or have same message again and again in Twitter, discord or youtube
  • Moderation team can deduct points of user in case of abusing/misusing this platform/strategy
  • Be respectful to each other



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Swapped Finance

Swapped Finance is a next generation state sharded AMM built for scalability and is immune to front-running with Shardeum at its core.