Swapped Finance, August Recap

  • Swapped Finance, token $SWPD listed at 1 $SHM = 5000 $SWPD on 25th August, on 30th August it went to, 1 $SHM = ~185 $SWPD
  • Swapped Finance has catered 22500 transactions/users from our SHM Faucet
  • Swapped Finance became most promising DEX on Shardeum with validation of 640 users at 8.4 rating, check our report
  • Swapped Finance launched “Decentralised Marketing” campaign to widespread our brand name with a innovative approach, read more on this Medium article



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Swapped Finance

Swapped Finance


Swapped Finance is a next generation state sharded AMM built for scalability and is immune to front-running with Shardeum at its core.