Introducing Swapped Finance, next generation AMM built on Shardeum

Swapped Finance
2 min readJun 15, 2022
Swapped finance User interface

Today we are introducing Swapped Finance, the first AMM (Automated Market Maker), DEX (Decentralized Exchange), Yield Farming, Staking and More on Shardeum!

Swapped Finance, easiest way to trade from one asset to another or stake to get rewards with other functionalities such as limit orders, margins, lending and borrowing and more coming to Shardeum Blockchain. When we started developing the platform we do wanted the interface to be intuitive and attractive, while maintaining the security of the platform. Swapped Finance aims to be the flagship DeFi product of Shardeum ecosystem serving it’s users and developers with their needs.

Our protocol will enable Shardeum users to not only make all the operations they got used to with other AMM/DEXs but open up a door to a massive influx of pairs thanks to the technology provided by Shardeum.

Shardeum was the obvious choice, the technology that’s being built will allow us to be a leading exchange with low transaction costs and fast transaction speed. What will differentiate us however, is the Immediate finality & low latency with High fairness, with Shardeum we process transactions on a first-come, first-served basis, with the same gas rate for all transactions to ensure fairness and eliminate miner extractable value.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to reveal that the project is fully operational on testnet. More information regarding our tokenomics and token distribution will be released soon.

What are you waiting for? get involved! You can start trading and testing Swapped in the Shardeum testnet right now at:,

Users helping, trading, and testing on Shardeum Testnet Liberty shall receive Swapped Finance Token after Mainnet Launch.

feedbacks are always welcomed on our channels and Typeform:

Stay tuned for more updates.



Swapped Finance

Swapped Finance is a next generation state sharded AMM built for scalability and is immune to front-running with Shardeum at its core.